Twenty Twelve Theme – WordPress 3.5

After some poking around the WordPress site I found some information on the upcoming version 3.5 release. This is currently scheduled for December release. The release has a number of changes, especially around the libraries included even adding a prerelease version of jQuery. I have also made the decision to change the base theme to the one recommended by the WordPress team – Twenty Twelve. See post here:

I think using the Twenty Twelve theme will mitigate the risk of the look and feel of the site breaking when the update rolls out. The theme itself is very clean and has been built to be responsive in line with the latest web standards. There have already been over 27,000 downloads so it looks as if I’m not the only one thinking this will be the best base for a new theme. While the options are limited from the administration side this will probably be a bonus when it come to customization. Have a look for yourself here:

I look forward to digging under the covers to see what potential this theme has for modification and customisation. My end goal is to create a theme along the lines of the new Microsoft Metro/Modern UI/Microsoft style (remove as applicable). Expect some dramatic changes (possibly breaking) as the site develops.