Migrating BlogEngine.NET to WordPress

In creating this blog I wanted to import my existing posts from my BlogEngine site. BlogEngine has the ability to export all existing posts in an xml based BlogML format, unfortunately this is not one of the formats supported out of the box by WordPress. However a quick plugin search returns BlogML Importer written by Sean Patterson which can read the exported file and add entries to WordPress.

An initial run successfully imported all my posts first time, there are some limitations however. For obvious reasons the plugin cannot bring any images into WordPress so there are broken images embedded into posts. It also does not import categories or tags correctly and these appear as guids which can either be deleted or renamed as required. Even with these minor issues the time saved from having to manually bring the posts in or write my own importer make it well worthwhile.

I will work through importing and fixing the broken links over the next week or so which will give a better overall result due to the improved image handling in WordPress.

New Blog site for technostropic.com

After using BlogEngine.Net as a bloging engine for some time now I have decided to move over to WordPress. As such the existing site will eventually be retired and this will become the source for all future posts. Expect to see changes as the site is redesigned and styled, I will also migrate all the existing posts to the new site before decommissioning and set up the appropriate redirects.

You may wonder why I am moving, the reason is simple the features offered by WordPress and the community support with Social Media extensions is much richer. I will document the process of migrating the blog as well as the new build of this site as it is my first experience with WordPress for any that may be interested.

Stay tuned for future developments!