FreeOTT Player Part 1 – Unboxing

After a few weeks of waiting my FreeOTT player from Cloud Media arrived today. Cloud Media ran a social media promotion on Facebook where anyone could sign up for the chance of a free box ($5 shipping) and were giving 200 units! I guess the take up was slow as the promotion was extended by a couple of weeks. For those who have never heard of Cloud Media they were formerly known as Popcorn Hour and a few other subsidiaries and primarily produced high quality media players (two of which I already own). The FreeOTT player is their latest release and is aimed more at streamed content and online services, is minimalist and small enough to put in your pocket. Below are the unboxing photos, a post detailing the workings will follow.

FreeOTT Box FreeOTT Open Box FreeOTT Included Items FreeOTT Front Side FreeOTT Rear

As you can see there is very little to it. The main connections are HDMI for video (cable not included but offered as option), Micro USB power in (cable supplied adapter an option), Composite connector for additional video/audio (cable optional), all on the rear of the device. The front has the receiver for the remote control, what looks like a hard reset button and a Micro SD card slot.

I can see some people complaining about the lack of included cables but they are offered as options to purchase (reasonably priced too) and for me it was not an issue as I have them lying around anyway. Next up plugging the FreeOTT in!