Managed Service Accounts

I have been setting up a new development server Hyper-V VM and having trouble with configuring managed service accounts which in principle sound like a good way to go. After much struggling and frustration with the (pretty poor) technet doco I finally found an excellent blog post and tool which got me back on track.

The blog post can be found at the follow link below:

And the tool can be downloaded (for free!) here:


If you haven’t used managed service accounts before or have been struggling like me I recommend you check out the links!

First Nokia Lumia 920 Issue

So after having the phone for over a week now after the Telstra debacle I have encountered my first issue. Last night while talking to a work colleague the phone first decided to reboot and then promptly hang. I left it for 5-10 minutes with the screen happily glowing with the Nokia logo.
A quick google search suggested a full factory reset would fix the issue. Not wanting to go this far initially I did a soft reboot vol down + power + camera and release on vibrate. Within a minute or so the phone was back up and running correctly with no issues since. Hopefully this won’t become a regular problem although from what I read a fix is already on the way. The sooner the better as this is the last thing that MS/Nokia needs for WP8 and a flagship phone.