FreeOTT Player Part 2

This will be a brief post as the experience with the FreeOTT player was not exactly outstanding. I already own a couple of the Popcorn Hour (now Cloud Media) devices which have an inbuilt app store with Smart TV style apps. The FreeOTT player is basically just this element of the Popcorn players, the main issue is that after visiting the store for a few years now very little changes and the apps available are very limited.

The device itself is adequate (barely), it is not the most responsive to the remote and while an operation is progress there is no way to cancel you just have to wait. From my experience the only two apps of any repeat value are YouTube and Plex (which is still relatively new and feels more like a beta product). There is no facility to plug-in an external drive and play media, using Plex the media has to be transcoded by the server if it is in any format other than MP4.

To sum up by giving away the players I assume Cloud Media is hoping to drum up enough interest for other developers to create content for the platform, however I am not sure it brings enough to the table to achieve this and the most likely outcome is a lot of these players will end up sitting in drawers. I had hoped this would give a rich Smart TV experience for cheaper dumb TV’s and give the ability to play content from USB sticks and the like but this is not the case. For the moment a better option is to stump up the $50 or so for one of the Android media playing sticks, I hope in the future a revised player with greater functionality is released and more apps created but for now sorry but this is not for me.