Recently I discovered a new service CloudFlare which I have been testing on this blog, I stumbled across it while visiting another site that had an outage. CloudFlare works by adding an extra layer between your website and the rest of the internet. It provides CDN, optimzation, security and analytics as well as offering integration with other apps.

The best feature of CloudFlare is that it has a free tier so you get to experiment with many of the features without having to sign up for a lengthy contract or even get your credit card out. Since setting it up I have created a deliberate outage and then when testing, yes my site was still available, outstanding!

The ability to combine javascript files into a single request and minify HTML, CSS & javscript files to reduce requests and bandwidth alone is worth signing up for. I have now implemented it across all the sites I manage without any issues, just benefits.

My recommendation give it a try today, you may be suprised and if you don’t like it just turn it off again!

I am in no way associated with CloudFlare other than being a free user.

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