Update: Update: Nokia 920 Delayed on Telstra

Apparently the previous email regarding the Nokia Lumia 920 being out of stock from Telstra was sent in error, the email relates only to the free speaker and not the phone which will still ship on the (delayed) date of the 29th as previously stated. See the Telstra Crowd support site and follow the farce:


It is worth mentioning that a follow up email to let others who had preordered has not been sent yet I would guess leaving many to chase Telstra to find out the status of their Lumia 920. I think this has been terrible service on the part of Telstra especially as you can walk in store and get one (allowing for availability) the best part of a week before those of us that committed to the preorder.

I can guarantee I will not be preordering any phones from Telstra in the future and will probably opt to buy them outright and no lock myself into a contract. I feel sorry for Nokia as incompetencies like this still reflect back even though it is unlikely they had any part in the problem.

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