Update: Nokia 920 Delayed on Telstra

I have just received a second email from Telstra informing me that the item I have preordered is out of stock! WTF, I ordered the Nokia Lumia 920 within minutes of the offer becoming available and long before the page displayed the Out of Stock message it currently has. There is no ETA supplied only that stock should arrive shortly and I will receive an email when it does. After waiting eagerly for this phone since it was announced this is the worst news possible, I lusted after the Nokia Lumia 900 but was stuck in a contract and now have had all the anticipation drained from me. Given the popularity of the Lumia 920 phone and the fact it has sold out at a large number of carriers and Amazon I now have little confidence in the should arrive shortly statement and I could easily see it not arriving before Christmas.

This is terrible service from Telstra, at least the last email had a personal feel to it and a token gesture with the 3 month compensation of Xbox Music. No such attention to detail this time just a generic mail, boo to you.

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