Ok well I received an email inviting me to log in and experience and my first impression are… I don’t get it. I mean it looks very nice but I am unsure as to its purpose or target market. The top bar has a web search so I can share my searches with others (presuming they really have nothing better to do) and post a status updates as with Facebook. It also has feeds the ability to follow and have followers (Twitter) and video parties where you can watch clips with others an comment on it. All of these features already exist in other social networks that already have millions of users so why will this succeed where Google+ hasn’t (yet), I don’t think it will.

Anyway enough negativity I could be in a minority so I won’t harp on about it too much, the overall design is nice very clean, sharp and metro influenced. Navigation is simple and once signed in you are prompted to select channels for your feeds. I guess if you feel the need to view large amounts of vaguely targeted information and share your (amazingly interesting?) web searches while aimlessly commenting on web clips in realtime then go for it. I suspect it will come and hang around in the background as something to view when all your Facebook friends and Twitterers are offline but go have a look and make up your own mind.

Microsoft Homepage
Microsoft Homepage


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