Myself and a colleague are embarking on a fun sideline project. Having both spent much time working in offices and being limited by office kitchens we have decided to create a site and supporting blog that pushes the boundries of what can be achieved with a simple sandwich toaster and a microwave.

Part of this project is also an investigation of how to build an eco system around a brand for as little money as possible using online services. We have selected a technology stack as a starting point and will expand as we see value in other services. So far the cost to date has been USD $10 for the domain the stack shapes up as follows:

Google Apps – Main base provides email, website, document repository, web analytics etc details of this will be covered in a later post

Blogger – Blog site hosted by google but integrated with our brand and hosted as a subsite

Facebook – Brand page which will have links to the site and blog along with recipe announcements

Twitter – Instant feed for updating with new recipes @mytoasterrules

YouTube – Video recipes MyToasterTules channel

Currently the sites are empty with stock themes but this should quickly change to a coherent branding and (hopefully) rapidly fill with content. 

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: I thought this was something worth mentioning as I have been caught out with it in the past, money allowing it is worth registering and domain names similar to your own to allow for people misspelling when typing your web address. We have additionally registered, very similar but with the second ‘r’ is the middle missing and redirected it to our main domain. I wasn’t completely sold on the domain provider from google (and can’t stand so I went with, after hearing their advert on the Nerdist podcast, for a paltry $10. As I don’t need the domain to do anything that is the final cost and I don’t lose any visitors, nice.

I mentioned that I had been caught by this previously, a company I worked for set up and registered a domain with a hyphen in the name ‘-‘ the website was subsequently set up and the same notion occured to us to buy the domain without the hyphen which was available when the site was first set up. However by the time the second domain was being purchased another company had already snapped it up and the domain now went to a site containing illicit material that you would not want associated with an IT business so BE WARNED!



Silverlight 4 – Change Namespace Issue

When changing the namespace within a Silverlight 4 Project containing resource references you may get Null Reference/Object not set to an Instance of an Object errors. Just drop to the file systems and manually delete the obj folder in the project folder and rebuild. All the references and generated code should now be correct.