Vivid Wireless Home Gateway Mod

Vivid Wireless is a 4G ISP in Australia that I have using for the last 18 months since they launched, however over the last few months the quality of the signal has been degrading. After much searching I  found a thread on the Whirlpool forums that seemed to point to a solution using external antennas. This gives an overview of the process:

Vivid web interface before the upgrade:

Open vivid-pre.png

Parts ordered from here and here you need two flyleads and two antenna.

Firstly remove the side cover, I chose the side without lights in case there were any connections that could be broken. There are 4 screws underneath the pads on the base that need to be removed first then the cover is held by clips, the photos below show the location of all clips if prised carefully you should be able to remove without breakage.

Open WP_000004.jpg

Open WP_000005.jpg

Open WP_000006.jpg

Open WP_000008.jpg

Below is the inside showing the supplied antenna connections just below the heatsink to the left and right, these connectors can be gently leavered off and the new fly leads clipped on:

Open WP_000009.jpg

While it would be possible to run the fly leads through the case without damage for a secure connection less prone to issues I mounted them in the side of the case using a dremel to cut the holes:

Open WP_000014.jpg

Once both holes are drill and the flyleads fitted the case can be reassembled and is ready to go!

Open WP_000016.jpg

In the above picture you can see the indicator lights showing signal strength, previously there was never more than one lit with the new antenna lying on the floor I was already up to 2 a good start.

The next step was to mount the antennas on the roof space and dial in the direction, I managed to get a full three lights up after 10 minutes of playing around and the screen grab below shows the new reading from the web interface:

Open vivid-post.png

Thanks to the hard work and posts of all the Whirlpool members who made this possible, my signal has been rock solid for 2 days now and faster than ever.

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  1. Ive been using this mod for a couple of years now and its been rock solid.
    Any idea if it can be successfully used with the newer LTE vivid gateway?

    1. From what I know the new gateway has two external antenna ports built in (if it is identical to the source model) that would make the mod part obsolete. In theory the antennas should still work as they are tuned to the same frequency but you’d need to test, I’ve noticed my personal address now returns no service available from the Vivid website so I’m not inclined to get one unless I have to :).

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