TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Configuring – Exam 70-667 Passed!

I have just passed the 70-667 exam and I can say I was suprised by the breath of the questions within. I think anyone involved with day to day administration of SharePoint 2010 would pass with only a little effort and study. However as a SharePoint developer there were many areas that proved difficult, particularly as I primarily deal with SharePoint Foundation rather than the full blown server version. For anyone in the same position I would recommend covering the following topics in depth:

  • Form Services
  • Excel Services
  • Powershell command (you really need to be aware of the specific commands available and when to use them)
  • Backup and Restore (not just for content databases but for lists/sites/excel services)
  • Security (no gotchas here general knowledge will get you through)
I woud say the exam is definately worth taking as a dev as it makes you much more aware of SharePoints architecture (sometimes painfully so) and how best to develop solutions within it. I would also recommend getting a study guide book as I ended up borrowing one after discovering I was studying most areas in too much depth but not covering the breath of knowledge required.
Anyway it is all behind me now and I will be looking at the developer exam in the new year to anyone else looking to take it, Good Luck!

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