Thumba – Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

I have just downloaded and trialled this app for Windows Phone 7 from marketplace, in short it allows very quick and simple editing of photos directly on the phone. The adjustments available are in 3 categories Image, Adjustment and Effects.

The Image section allows cropping, done by dragging your finger across the photo on screen to select the area to crop to. Also available are the basic filp, mirror and rotate unctions.

Adjustments gives options for Exposure, Hue and Saturation, Multiply, Normalize, Remove Noise, White Balance most options are applied by sliding your finger across or up and down the screen to increase intensity of the adjustment.

Effects cover the common functions available in most good photo editing applications such as blur, grayscale and sepia as well as a host of others.

Thumba works exactly as i should photos can be quickly located adjusted and saved. The trial version of the app gives the ability to test all the facilities and displays the result as a watermarked non saveable image, the only thing missing from the app is the ability to pinch zoom. It is not often than an app just works the way it should and does exactly what it says and for AUD$3 it is amazing vaue, this should be an essential for anyone who is a regular camera user and wants to post the best looking shots to their social network.

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