SharePoint 2010 Debug Timeout

I was recently getting frustrated with how quickly SharePoint sites timeout while debugging in Visual Studio. Fortunately there is a simple solution to this problem in IIS Manager find the Application Pool of the site you are debugging and open the advanced properties.

Locate the Process Model section and edit the Ping Enabled and Ping Maximum Response Time properties as shown below. I would only recommend making these changes in a development environment unless you are aware of and accept the impact this may have in other environments.


4Blogging – Social Networking – Facebook

While I am still investigating how integration between multiple social networks and Silverlight is best achieved I have found that MS have release a Silverlight 4 client for Facebook so at least I now know this can be done at a conceptual level. The client can be accesed from the link below:

Silverlight 4 Client for Facebook

More details can be found on the AllFacebook blog

All Facebook

and finally the key ingredient the facebook SDK includes assemblies from Silverlight, MVC, Web and Winforms!

Facebook SDK

Give it a try!

Windows Phone 7 RTM

While playing around with Silverlight for the 4Blogging engine it has also occured to me that have a mobile interface would have a number of advantages. This should be an achievable goal as the forthcoming phone from Microsoft‘s interface is based on Silverlight. Ah well throw another requirement on the pile!

It seems that the release of the new Windows 7 phones is creeping ever closer with the internal RTM milestone being reached, check out the details below:

Windows Phone 7 – Release to Manufacturing