4Blogging Requirements Part One – Site

Site Requirements

Hosting single multiple blogs – Site should be able to manage either a single blog or multiple blogs and default to a different home page according to needs.

Security – Site should manage single/multiple users per blog as well as overall administration of site. Self registration for site users including automated email account validation.

Tag Cloud – Auto generated based on blog content, needs to support per blog and per site.

Categories – Posts should support categories.

Series – Ability to create a series of blog posts with each post displaying navigation to all other posts in the series.

Social Networking – Plugin framework to support social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc.

External Image Hosting Part 2 – To reduce bandwidth costs, plugin framework to support third party image hosting such as Flickr.

Navigation Bookmarking – Utilise the new Silverlight 4 navigation to enable bookmarking of pages.

Syndication – Plugin framework to support RSS, Atom feeds etc.

Ad Support – Plugin framework to support Google/Amazon ads to generate revenue.

Statistics – Logging of visitors locations, time spent on pages etc.

This is the first draft of requirements all of which are currently subject to change and will need to be investigated in more detail.

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