4Blogging Architecture – First Draft

Proposed Technical Architecture

UI – Silverlight 4 – The point of the exercise is to learn Silverlight 4 so this is the only option.

Services – WCF RIA Services – These have been specifically designed with Silverlight in mind and reduce the development time so currently appear to be the best option.

Database – SQL Server – This will be the choice for the initial build but the solution as a whole will be designed to support other options if possible.

Data Access – Entity Framework – Supports SQL Server and unlike Linq to SQL other database support is available so has been selected for flexibility.

Caching – Enterprise Library 5.0 – Reduce round trips to the database where possible by caching display data where possible. There may be other areas of the library that are of use, this will be investigated in more detail in a later post.

This is only the first cut for technologies and each will be examined in more detail as the 4Blogging project progresses.

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